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Serving the finest matcha from the shade-grown farms of Kyoto, Japan

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Stonemill Matcha is sourced from Kyoto, the birthplace of matcha

Over 800 years ago, a monk carried the seeds of the green tea plant from China to be cultivated and transformed in Japanese soil. Our matcha is sourced from farmers who continue the tradition on that same soil.

Our matcha is curated by a master blender from a traditional teahouse in Kyoto

Each year, tea leaves produce their own flavors distinct from the generation before them. Only a master’s hand can develop a perfect blend from an array of the finest leaves.

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Matcha selected from the youngest, most tender leaves

Attention to every detail

From harvesting to packaging and brewing, we give attention to every detail so that the vibrant color, Umami-rich flavor and nutrition is preserved at its best.

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Various health benefits

You will immediately experience the energized calm of green tea as your body absorbs the long-term benefits of antioxidants and vitamins. L-Theanine and catechin are unique to green tea and especially abundant in our Matcha because we are true to the authentic method of growing Tencha leaves. All these nutrients can be consumed at once in a soothing bowl of matcha.

Relaxed and focused

Although matcha has caffeine content equivalent to that of a coffee, L-theanine helps you to be relaxed and focused without the jittery feel. Because of these qualities, matcha was ritualistically used before meditation practices by Zen monks from ancient times.

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Brew guide: Integrate matcha into your daily ritual

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